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My name is Vikki LeBeau and while God has always been in my life, I have found that He has been there more during the difficult times than at other easy flowing times of my life.  
As I get older I found that it’s completely the other way around, I have been there in His light at the more difficult times than at the other more calmer times when everything is flowing smoothly… but that’s all part of growing up, right?
It has always been my choosing to Lean In when I wanted and out when I wanted but now I’m realizing the more I Lean In constantly even when the times are good it makes the bad times not so bad. 

When you Just Lean In and finally get it… He is there thick and thin, on your side all the way!
So why the shirt? As a reminder to always Just Lean In, at ALL times just not when you need Him most.


He is there for us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and after hearing “Just Lean In” for a solid 3 months over and over again in so many different situations, I just knew it had to be put on a shirt.

Here it is for you, to start reminding us ALL to JUST LEAN IN every moment of every day, He’s got us! 

Ezekiel 14:14




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